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How to Change a Logo Color in Canva: A Step-by-Step Guide


Changing the color of a logo can be a simple yet effective way to give your brand a fresh new look. With Canva, a popular graphic design tool, you can easily make this change in just a few steps. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of changing a logo color in Canva.

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Changing Logo Colors in Canva: A Detailed Guide

Canva, launched in 2012, has become a go-to tool for both professionals and beginners in the design realm. Its intuitive features, extensive library of templates, and collaborative capabilities make it a favorite among those seeking a creative edge.

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Step 1: Navigate to Your Canva Design

Log in to your Canva account and open the design containing your logo or explore the extensive library of Canva templates to kickstart your design journey.

Step 2: Select the Logo Element

Identify and click on the logo element you wish to modify. For those using Canva templates for logos, this step is crucial for customization.

Step 3: Access the Color Options


Look for options related to “Color” or “Fill” in the toolbar that appears after selecting your logo.

Step 4: Choose Your New Color

Experiment with Canva’s diverse color palette or input specific color codes. This is especially helpful for those starting with a Canva template logo.


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Step 5: Apply the Changes

Confirm your color choice by selecting options like "Apply" or "Done." Your logo will now showcase its updated hue.

Step 6: Additional Settings (Optional)

Explore additional settings like borders or shadows to fine-tune details based on your logo’s complexity.

Step 7: Save Your Design

Once satisfied with the color transformation, save your design. Your logo, with its fresh color, is now ready to make an impact.


Canva is the perfect spot for folks who aren’t design pros but want to tweak their logo colors effortlessly. Super easy to use, with friendly features and a bunch of color choices for both beginners and design whizzes. And if you’re keen on some ready-made templates that you can personalize, turnit studio is where you can find them.

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