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12 Modern Canva Fonts – must use in your design


When it comes to fonts, they’re the unsung heroes of design, setting the stage for the whole show. They’re like the friendly signs that welcome folks into your online space, creating an atmosphere, and giving a vibe to your work. 

Whether you’re a graphic wizard, a marketing maestro, or just someone who appreciates good visuals, fonts matter. In this article, we’re taking a journey through modern Canva fonts – the kind that can give your work a fresh, unique look. So, let’s dive into the world of fonts and see how they can jazz up your creative projects!


Influencing Your Brand's Persona

Before we dive into the world of fonts, let’s talk about why they’re a big deal for your brand. Fonts are not just aesthetics; they carry nuanced messages and emotions that can be customized to align perfectly with your coaching business’s values and your target audience. 

For instance, a graceful script font can convey elegance and charm, making it the ideal choice for coaching services focusing on personal development. On the other hand, a bold and modern sans-serif font radiates professionalism and confidence, an excellent match for business-centric coaching practices. 

Fonts like Poppins and Montserrat are like the chameleons of the font world. They’re adaptable, stylish, and oh-so-appealing. But just as you choose your words with care, picking the right fonts for your coaching brand is equally important. You see, these fonts will be the backdrop of your brand’s visual identity. They set the tone, convey your coaching style, and create a memorable experience for your clients. 

Fonts carry vibes and feelings, and guess what? You can tweak them to match your business and the people you’re here to help. Think of it this way: if you’re in the coaching business while your style is all about grace and charm, a fancy script font is like your classy handshake with the world. 

But if your thing is all about business and confidence, a bold and modern font is like your firm business handshake. So, fonts aren’t just there to look good; they’re here to help tell your brand’s story.

As I’m mostly focusing on coaching businesses, let’s say you’re a life coach, and your coaching journey is all about grace and personal growth. A font with graceful, flowing letters could be your go-to. It’s like the handwriting of a mentor who’s been there and knows the way. 

On the flip side, if you’re diving into the business coaching world, a font with clean, bold lines can show you mean business. It’s like a confident suit for your words.

Defining Your Business's Unique Identity

To get the perfect fonts for your business, you’ve got to start by crafting an identity that’s uniquely yours. Imagine it like designing your own character in a video game – you choose everything from their style to their attitude. 

So, here’s the deal: What’s the vibe you want to bring to your audience? Are you the kind of life coach who’s all about vibrant energy and lifting people up, ready to tackle challenges together? Or do you offer a tranquil oasis of mindfulness and peace where your clients can find their center? 

These aren’t just random questions. Your answers are like the compass that points you to the right fonts. If you’re all about that vibrant, empowering life coaching, you’d want fonts that are bold, expressive, and full of life – fonts that practically shout, “You’ve got this!” But if you’re more about creating a serene sanctuary in your coaching sessions, you’d lean towards fonts that are calm, soothing, and reflective. Fonts that whisper, “It’s okay, you’re in the right place.”

See, fonts aren’t just letters; they’re voices. And we’re about to find the perfect one for your coaching journey.

Crafting Fonts for Your Audience

Equally important is understanding your target audience and their preferences. Different demographics may resonate with specific font styles. For instance, if your coaching business is all about helping young professionals, you might want to use modern and stylish fonts. But if you’re in the wellness and holistic coaching realm, you could opt for more natural and flowing typography.

Discovering Canva's Diverse Font Library

Choosing the ideal fonts for your business has been made effortless with platforms like Canva. Canva offers an impressive array of font categories, including specialized selections tailored for businesses. These fonts serve as a wellspring of inspiration and a direct source for the fonts that perfectly harmonize with your brand. 

To save time and streamline content creation, you can explore ready-to-use social media templates that can be seamlessly customized to suit your niche. Canva’s comprehensive toolkit and resources empower your brand’s visual identity, enabling you to craft captivating content that resounds with your audience.

12 Selections for a Brand Transformation

In Canva’s extensive font collection, you’ll find a variety of fonts, each with its own distinct style. Below, we’ve handpicked 12 influential Canva fonts that have the power to redefine your brand’s visual identity:

1- Canva Sans:


Versatile and clean, it suits a wide range of styles.

Have you explored the versatility of Canva Sans? It’s a font that adapts effortlessly to a wide range of styles. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek and modern look or a more classic and timeless design, Canva Sans is up to the task. Its clean and adaptable nature makes it a fantastic choice for various design projects.

2- Roxborough CF:


An elegant serif font that exudes modern sophistication.

Meet Roxborough CF, an elegant serif font that effortlessly radiates modern sophistication. With its refined serifs and graceful curves, Roxborough CF is the epitome of timeless elegance. 

Whether you’re designing a logo, crafting marketing materials, or enhancing your social media presence, Roxborough CF brings an air of contemporary refinement to your projects.

3- Tan Variety:


Sleek and adaptable, perfect for contemporary brands.

“Discover Tan Variety, the sleek and versatile font that perfectly complements contemporary brands. With its modern aesthetics and adaptability, Tan Variety shines across various design contexts. It’s the ideal choice for infusing a touch of contemporary charm into your branding, making it a perfect match for today’s brands seeking a blend of style and adaptability. 

You need to consider that this font group is owned by Creative Market and is only available on Canva Pro. “

4- Laguna:


A distinctive and artistic display font for eye-catching designs.

Laguna is a font that defines distinction and captivates with its artistic flair. This striking display font is designed to catch the eye and make a bold statement in your designs. Laguna’s uniqueness lies in its creative and eye-catching aesthetic, making it perfect for when you need to create designs that stand out from the ordinary. 

Whether you’re working on posters, headlines, or any project where visual impact is paramount, Laguna will lend that extra touch of artistry to your typography. Its eye-catching design ensures your message doesn’t just get seen; it gets remembered.

5- DM Sans:

dmsans canva font

Minimalistic and sophisticated, ideal for clean branding.

DM Sans is the epitome of simplicity and sophistication. This minimalistic font offers a clean and refined aesthetic, making it the ideal choice for creating branding elements that exude a sense of clarity and elegance. 

With its sleek and modern design, DM Sans embodies the essence of simplicity, making it the perfect companion for clean and minimalistic brand identities. 

Whether you’re designing a logo, crafting a business card, or working on any aspect of your brand’s visual identity, DM Sans adds that touch of understated refinement that sets your branding apart.Its versatility and straightforward design ensure that your message is delivered with a clean, polished, and sophisticated look.

6- Atteron:

  • Where Modern Styling Meets Timeless Elegance

If you’ve ever found yourself drawn to the timeless charm of a serif font but desire a touch of modern style, Atteron is your ideal choice. It’s like meeting an old friend, but one who has undergone a contemporary makeover. Designed to be the epitome of modern elegance, Atteron masterfully marries the grace of serifs with a stylish twist. 

This font effortlessly elevates your branding, whether it’s on your logo, website, or other materials, with a unique blend of classic sophistication and contemporary flair. Atteron bridges the past and present, bringing an air of elegance that perfectly complements brands seeking a polished, stylish, and timeless identity.

7- Amsterdam Four:

  • Unique and attractive, it sets your brand apart.

Imagine a font that has the power to set your brand apart from the ordinary, to give it a voice that is unmistakably unique. That’s what Amsterdam Four brings to the table – an aura of distinctiveness that captures attention and holds it. 

8- Martini Thai Neue Slab:

  • A bold and strong slab serif font.

If your coaching business wants to send a clear, confident message, Martini Thai Neue Slab is your go-to font. It’s the bold choice for making sure your words stand out and leave a strong impression. 

This typeface doesn’t hold back; it’s all about projecting strength and determination. Whether you’re creating a logo, a catchy slogan, or any content, Martini Thai Neue Slab ensures your message is bold, impactful, and easy to remember. It’s the font to choose when you want your words to be the center of attention.

9- Bebas Neue:

  • Impactful and bold, excellent for catching attention.

Bebas Neue is the font for when you want to be noticed. It’s bold and impactful, perfect for making your message stand out in any design. With this font, you don’t need to scream to be heard; your words do the talking. So, if you want your coaching business to grab people’s attention, Bebas Neue is the font that gets the job done without any fuss.

10- Lovelace:

  • Versatile and graceful script font for added charm.

Lovelace is that extra dash of charm you’ve been looking for. This script font brings versatility to your designs, adding a touch of grace and elegance. Just like a stylish accessory completes an outfit, Lovelace elevates your branding and messages. It’s the perfect choice when you want to convey sophistication and a hint of personal touch. 

Use Lovelace for those special occasions when you want your coaching services to stand out with a graceful flourish.

11- Agrandir Grand:

  •  Contemporary and eye-catching, suitable for bold statements.

In the world of fonts, few options can match the contemporary boldness of Agrandir Grand. Its clean lines and striking presence make it ideal for creating eye-catching titles and impactful text. 

Whether you’re designing for digital platforms or print media, Agrandir Grand stands out and commands attention. If your goal is to infuse your content with a modern and bold touch, this font is a compelling choice.

12- Exo 2:

  • Modern and robust sans-serif, great for a professional look.

If you’re looking to communicate a sense of innovation that goes beyond the present era, Exo 2 with its geometric design is your ideal companion. 

Its precise contours and unique style make it suitable for both display and text, offering flexibility that adapts to your specific needs. When you want to make a statement and  radiate expertise, Exo 2 is your top-choice font, guiding you towards a polished and modern appearance.

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